Using Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE) to
train teachers how to
manage challenging student behavior

Giving teachers the opportunity to deal with challenging behaviors in a controlled environment with the appropriate supervision would improve their level of professional preparedness or effectiveness and decrease their chances of developing burnout and eventually dropping out of the profession.

Such an opportunity can be simulated by using Virtual Reality technology in a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) includes simulated students (Avatars) that provide teachers the opportunity to develop their pedagogical practice in a safe environment that doesn’t place real students at risk.

Through the experience of training in a VLE prospective teachers practice the management skills they need to become effective in their chosen professions, and pre-service teachers can hone and refine their skills.

For the purposes of our project participating pre-service and professional teachers will be teaching one STEM or one language based subject (Language, history etc) while supervised by an experience trainer. In the VLE the teachers will respond to student-avatars who may exhibit some kind of inattentive, oppositional of defiant behavior.